An Ode to VapoRub

*During my travels around the world I've been on more than my fair share of crowded aircraft with questionable safety and sanitary standards.  My small tin of VapoRub has been my most treasured travel companion along the way.  A few dabs under the nose masks a multitude of sins.  I wrote this ode in 2014.


As I board the crowded dated plane
i'm oppressed by the stale stank air
stagnant and seeping hot.
a cold bead of sweat


                    my side

As the last passengers are
crammed and shoved inside
I am slapped with such
a stankfunkystinkstank
that I nearly gag

heart racing panic descends
as I am assaulted
my every effort consumes me
to not wrench my disgusted face
in the direction...directions?!
of this ancient sour stench

Surely I hope
surely you are with me
                                          my confidant ,my savior

ahh yes, yes

you rest silently in my pocket
the smooth, small curves of your cylinder body
always at the ready

Quickly I uncap you
my fingers dive in and swing
from your eucalyptus branches
I plunge your menthol rub                             the
into my nostrils                                    to
and                                       soaring
goes my countenance
as I am enveloped in your
analgesic caress
that blocks out and protects me
from the vile olfactory siege
laid up on me.

I close my eyes and smile
safely ensconced in your
mentholated eucalyptus


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