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Kruse Family Promotion Speech

Below is my the speech I gave at the ceremony for my frocking to Captain: I’d like to applaud the great reading done by my beautiful children (you can see their remarks below)–when I made Commander 7 years ago only my two oldest knew how to read and it’s so amazing to have all 5 of them up here now. Finally, I’d like to thank God for blessing me with such an amazing, incredible and beautiful woman.  Emily, what a woman you are!  You are my rock, you inspire me, you encourage me, and I love you. And to our unborn son–I’m so glad you are here. GREAT CIRCLES and FAILING 14 years ago, during our weekly lunch meeting I was discussing decision-making with a mentor of mine named Terry and he took out a piece of paper and drew 4 circles around a small bulls-eye circle with a dot in the center.   He said: I want you to start in that middle bulls-eye circle (that dot is you) and write in a word to represent the most important relationship or identity source to you, and then continue in each circ

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