A Poem for Emily

You, My Love

 (A Poem for Emily)

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You inhabit me my love
Grow deep and young inside me
Like a sapling
You sink your roots
They wander
and wonderfully
entangle me my love.

You transfuse me my love
My blood is no longer my blood
For you are present even there
Searching out
my innermost places my love.

You have taken up residence my love
In the furthest reaches
Of the slumber of my sleep
You run with me
Your hand in mine
In impossible places
In surreal dimensions
of my dreams my love.

You come to me my love
A smile that creases my face
An echo of your joy
Surprising me
In the midst of my day
Memories of you
Flash and burn
Images of you
flickering and searing across my mind my love.

You, like a spirit my love
Like the inside of my soul
That I never knew
Before you
Who pulses now always
Inside of me my love.

You, embodiment of answered prayers my love
Extension of grace
Shining down upon me
Soaking into me
Seeping into my every thought
The crown upon my head my love.

You are there in the morning light my love
In my waking moments
I reach for you
I am drawn by the immeasurable gravity
Of your love my love
Against you
Amaranthine rock my love.

You infuse laughter in my life my love
You peal
And beckon me
Your song dances
Your voice
Notes floating
And leaping
And washing over me my love.

You abide restlessly in my heart my love
Always increasing
Pushing me further
Multiplying passion
Never ceasing
Insatiable hunter
Of my heart my love.

Always always always my love
You will remain the lover of my youth
As we grow old and everything around us decays and rusts
For you and I my love—nothing alters
For you my love
Are Beauty, eternally defined
Tattooed kisses accumulating overlapping everlasting
Across the story of my life my love.

You, the radiant carrier of life my love
Your belly swollen and growing 
Your face beaming and golden
You, emerging and evolving
Into an even higher form of beauty 
Me, falling deeper and deeper into you 
You, Possessor of generations, my love. 

You: succor, nourisher and protector, 
Our babies cling to you
Like vines they surround and grow to you. 
Pillar of strength and zenith of grace
Your love refuses to ebb and only grows
Washing over, sustaining, and imbuing protection
You are the sun and your gravity immense
Pulling us deeper into the chasms—of your love,
Mother and lover of our children my love.

Keeper of the worries, my love
Your heart is open and bare 
where my own toughens
You mother and love without a shield
Absorbing everything 
every tear, every cry
every scraped knee and bruised heart
you take on as your own
Carrier and champion of our hearts , my love.

Beauty amplified and multiplied
You exist outside yourself 
Like a spirit
Each smile on our children's faces
Every sparkle of their laughter
 is your own
Their kisses, their shared embraces exist
Because your beauty and grace seeps 
Into their very core, my love

You my love
Are me
And I
am you.
my love.
My Love


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